Hotsinpiller 5K Revving Up for June; Hoping to Break Record for Registration

Organizers of the Derek Hotsinpiller Fallen Stars 5K hope to register 929 more participants by race day, June 10.

‘It has been a dream of mine since the first race that we would have 1000 runners cross our finish line,” said Ashley Hotsinpiller, race coordinator. “Last year, we came super close at just over 900 participants. I believe this is our year.”

This upcoming 5K is the 13th annual race honoring the late US Marshal Derek Hotsinpiller and the law enforcement community. The event is supported in a big way by law enforcement and the local community. All proceeds benefit the James and Derek Hotsinpiller Memorial Foundation, which provides scholarships to area high school seniors and college students pursuing careers in law enforcement and criminal justice. Since its inception, the Board has awarded more than 50 scholarships. With the foundation status just reached this year, the organization will be involved in various other endeavors to support law enforcement.

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